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Screaming Hills Haunted Trail


A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined.

Welcome to Screaming Hills Haunted Trail.

All new haunt for 2008.  Enter into a realm that takes you into your deepest and darkest fears.  It's free to get in, but PRAY you get out.
WARNING:  This trail may be too intense for small children who cannot discern fantasy from reality of what appears to be happening.  We straongly suggest you bring your children at your own discretion.

History of Screaming Hills

Long ago, my ancestors lived in what is now referred to as "Screaming Hills".  At one time stood a small farmhouse built by my great grandparents, Mama and Papa Jenkins.  Because they were the type who mostly kept to themselves, a lot of the town folk began talking.  Everything you could possibly think of was said from Mama Jenkins worked black magic to Papa Jenkins lured small children into the woods to eat them.  You think it...the town said it. 

When their only son, Seth, went away to college, the strange happenings began.  Farm animals belonging to others went missing and were later found dead.  The town's children began walking around in a trance like state and immediatly, suspition fell upon my great grandparents.  After a number of the children were found dead in Screaming Hills, an angry and scared mob formed and headed straight to the farmhouse.  Within twenty minutes of arriving on their front porch, both of my ancestors were seized and hung in the woods where the children had been found, but not before Mama Jenkins had bestowed a curse upon the town and it's people.  You see, she maintained her innocence until the very end and when the noose tightened around her neck she became angry.  She vowed no one from that day forward would ever be safe and the curse would also be bestowed upon any future relatives of the townsmen.  After the hanging, the house was torched for precaution and that is where all the madness began.  This happened over 150 years ago and alot of unexplainable events have transpired in the dark woods of Screaming Hills, but I guess it's up to you to decide what it was. 


It's free to come in, but PRAY you get out

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