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Screaming Hills Haunted Trail
About Us

About the Trail

Screaming Hills:

Screaming Hills Haunted Trail is a brand new neighborhood haunt coming Halloween 2008.  The trail is a quarter mile dirt path winding through complete darkness except for the lighted scenes that will prey on your deepest and darkest fears.  You never know who...or WHAT you may encounter.

Screaming Hills is an outdoor experience of pure terror.  This haunted trail is not like the other haunted houses with the same museum feel.  This is a journey into unknown woods.

CAUTION:  This is again an outside attaction and we advise you to wear shoes you can run in.  You never know what creatures are longing for the chase.  The weather may be cool so dress accordingly.

Some strobe lights will be in effect.  Not recomended for small children.

Rules for the Trail
  1. No touching of the monsters for they WILL NOT touch you.
  2. No flashlights or lighters allowed on the trail.  You will be provided a glowstick upon entering to see your way through.
  3. No foul language for children may be in your group.
  4. You MUST stay with the group and stay on the path.  The woods will be extemely dark and you can easily get lost.
  5. No photograhy inside of the trail.
  6. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  7. Please...feel free to scream your head off...that's what we're aiming for.

Once again, this is a neighborhood haunt.  Although we encourage visitors from outside the neighborhood to attend and help make this haunt successful, just know not much parking is available.  Also keep in mind this will be running on Halloween night and there will be children trick or treating.  PLEASE drive with caution.

Oakcrest Estates * Winder, Georgia * 30680